Our Mission

To be the leading law firm powered by professional women. To provide the highest quality and integrity driven legal services to clients across the world. Empowering our clients to change the world.


  • We believe that our clients best interest should always come first
  • We believe that our work should always provide value
  • We value integrity, care for our work and each other, diligence, honesty and strong communication skills.

Our History

Our Company was established in 1998 and Ms. Shireen Ahmed-Kagee, Conveyancer and admitted attorney, has been the driving force behind same since its very inception. Over the years she has successfully established a comprehensive, dynamic and knowledgeable conveyancing department, which has served numerous clients from all over the world. Her department services a large majority of SMME business and estate agencies in the Western Cape. Her passion for property law has created a renowned niche in the industry.

Our Ms. Raeesa Mukuddem an admitted attorney since 2009, heads up the Civil litigation and Estates departments, she is a key role player in the firms growth, her years of experience is invaluable and extends over Civil litigation, Family law, Estate Administration and so forth.

Our newest addition to our dynamic and growing firm is Fayruz Willoughby, admitted attorney since 2014, who brings new energy and experience to the conveyancing team with the background in civil litigation.

We employ 10 competent and resilient permanent staff.

Our People

Picture of  Shireen Ahmed-Kagee
Your Partner in Conveyancing and Property Law matters

 Shireen Ahmed-Kagee

Picture of Raeesa Mukuddem
Your Partner in Civil Litigation and Estates Administration

Raeesa Mukuddem

Picture of Jo-Anne Van Der Poll
Our Enthusiastic Candidate Attorney

Jo-Anne Van Der Poll

Picture of Nawaal Cassiem
Our Bond Expert

Nawaal Cassiem

Picture of Naeema Sulayman
Our Transfers Extraordinaire

Naeema Sulayman

Picture of Sharron Roberts
Our Dynamic Personal Assistant And Conveyancing Paralegal

Sharron Roberts

Picture of Petronella Mulenga
Our Meticulous Accountant

Petronella Mulenga

Picture of Fayruz Willoughby
Our Newest Addition To Our Growing Firm

Fayruz Willoughby